"The Purpose Driven Church"

Divine Purpose Church is "Purpose Driven". We are the called according to God's purpose and our mission is to bring people to Christ and help them understand and live in their "divine" purposes. We are a non-denominational bible-based congregation of believers—presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ as salvation for all.


Divine Purpose Church was officially organized by Bishop Ronald Alexander in December of 2003, after a name change from New Prospect Church. Since that time, we have grown to become a church of encouragement and inspiration to so many who pass through our way. Our church family strives to always be humble, loving, friendly and very hospitable. Our casual and relaxed atmosphere makes Divine Purpose a place where one can grow spiritually and serve the Lord while maturing and developing in individual spiritual purpose. Divine Purpose Church is ideally a great place to find great genuine worship, inspirational singing, an empowering and life changing word, prayer and praise. If you need to heal; if you need to be inspired; if you want to grow by the Word of God; if you want to be trained in leadership in a safe environment; or, if you want to expand your knowledge of God and share your gifts and knowledge to help us grow as we help you grow, Divine Purpose may the church for you.

Divine Purpose is a place of spiritual renewal, and we know that anyone who is hurting and going through tough times in life can find refuge and hope in Jesus Christ our Lord. We believe this to be true for all people, even you. For every person who comes through our doors or visits this site, our prayer is that the Lord will use us to meet you wherever you may be in life and allow us to help you grow in your faith. We also pray that your life, your family, your work and all your relationships are a reflection of the joy and peace God promises His children. We have an online community that keeps us in fellowship and spiritual interactions even outside of the church building. 


Divine Purpose Church serves as the mother church for Divine Ministries International Fellowship of Churches of Memphis, TN, where our pastor, Bishop Ron Alexander, serves as The Presiding Bishop. We invite you to attend one of our services.