(3-29-22) Greetings Divine Purpose Church family. We greet you in divine love. As you well know, since March of 2019, the plague we know as Covid-19 has invaded our country and as of this writing, more than 960,000 people have reportedly died from it. A new Omicron variant is now more deadly than other variants. As your servant leader, we have been committed to prioritizing our safety while doing our best to remain faithful in delivering you a virtual encouraging weekly sermon and inspirational worship experience. In addition, we have been able to maintain a high level of educational teachings through our teleconference Sunday School meetings and mid-week impact sessions. Though it can never take the place of in-person meeting, we believe that we have been able to remain a thriving and growing ministry. Many churches have been victims of closures and lack of participation from members when the decided to shut down and reopen. Nonetheless, to God be the glory that we have remained strong, and we are all still here because we never shut down the ministry, we temporarily closed the doors of the church building where we gather for fellowship. Yes, we had to make some adjustments and through technology we went fully virtual, but we never shut down.

We have been watching and praying. We have been waiting diligently for our time to reopen the doors of our church for in-person meetings again and we believe the time has come. We believe that we can start a process of bringing you back into the church building for worship. Because our space is limited, we believe it’s prudent to operate under a mask mandate while in the sanctuary. We're in a hybrid future. In other words, technology and online forums are most likely here to stay. Therefore, we are introducing a hybrid structured ministry where we combine the online with offline. What we have learned during the lockdown has afforded us opportunities to have more participation through online services such as what we have already implanted at our church. We invite all members back to in-person services.


Although we have a hybrid structure, we’re emphasizing and putting most of our energy toward in-person gatherings first and foremost, but not neglecting the virtual community. Through our strong and proven virtual platforms, we know that we can still address the needs of all, but virtual activities are not a substitute for in-person services. There is a fear that people will abandon the church because the percentages of membership decline is tremendously high since a high number of people have become used to being away and some have found it feasible to serve the church virtually. We have to believe that God has been good enough in sparing us and protecting us to the point that we are excited about returning to the fellowship within the church. As we return to church, please adhere to the following guidelines:


1. Please wear a mask as much as possible during service.

2. Please stay home if you feel ill in any way at all.

3. Please check your temp upon entry and use hand sanitizer.

4. Be mindful of the giving protocols listed here.

5. At the end of service, we ask that you leave the building so that the crew can start the cleansing and disinfecting process.

Safety features we have in place:

*Temp check stations upon entry with hand sanitizer dispensers.


*Medify Air Purifiers H13 True Hepa Filters providing 99.9% Removal to 0.1 Microns.


*Main HVAC units filters have been replaced with H13 True Hepa filters providing 99.9% Removal to 0.1 Microns.


Note: We have great ventilation flowing through the church but remember number 1 above.


*Entire church fumigated and disinfected weekly and all surfaces sprayed with Microban for 24-hour protection during service.



  • Masks Requested!

  • Worship Experience will be condensed but will flow according to the Spirit while be aware of the realty that we don’t need to prolong the time.

  • Sunday School Call Line and Live Stream will still be available each Sunday Morning. We ask that you stay connected if you must miss in-person services.