Welcome to the Dp Virtual Guest Lounge. We are so excited that you chose to visit with us via Online-Media. Our Virtual Experience is designed to make you feel close and connected. On this page, you can contact our church for information about being saved, joining our church as an in person member or Online-Church Member. 



Becoming a member of Divine Purpose Church can be done by visiting our Worship Experience during any service. You may join by:

1. Christian Experience: for those looking for a church home,

2. New Convert: for those ready to accept Jesus as your Savior and desire to be baptized,

3. Watch Care: college students or others who need to be in a safe and no pressure environment during a transitional period,

4. Online Membership: for those who watch our Live Stream and feel led to be a part of our family even from a distance. We invite you to contact us for more information.


Once a member, you become a part of the "divine" family where you are sure to grow and find friendship and fellowship as well be trained and motivated to use your gift in the body of Christ. Orientation Classes are administered to ensure that you learn about your new church home and get to meet our Pastor and First Lady up close and personal. 


If you are already a member of our church family, we want to thank you for allowing us to be a part of your life.


Welcome to Divine Purpose Church

Text Our Church Directly at 1-956-9ITSDPC to submit Prayer Request, Get information about Salvation or inquire about joining our church.

You may view a copy of any Dp Sermon on our YouTube Channel. Be sure to like us on FaceBook.